Vacation Rentals

As a real estate property owner, Ideal Florida Realty will treat your Florida home as if it were their own. Our in-house real estate property management and vacation rental program allows you to rest assured that your real estate investment is in good hands without breaking your bank account.

Monthly Management Fee:
Includes all Monthly Accounting (Excluding Year End Taxes), Automatic Bill Pay Setup, Weekly Property Checks, Coordinating all Vendors (i.e. Lawn Maintenance, Pool Cleanings, etc.)

Weekly Property Checks:
  • Check Landscaping
  • Check Pool Water Level and Make Sure that the Pool is being Properly Maintained by Pool Company
  • Check all Appliances to ensure they are working properly and efficiently (Refrigerators, Freezers, Washers, Dryers, Air Conditioners (Set at 78 when not occupied), etc.
  • Check all toilets to make sure they are not running, leaking and that they are flushing properly
  • Check to make sure that all televisions are functioning properly
  • Check to ensure that the wireless internet and home phone are working properly
  • Check Security (Make Sure all windows, and doors are closed and locked)

Included in the Commission is:
  • Ideal Florida Vacation Rentals Fee to Book/Coordinate the rental
  • Ensure the rental goes smoothly (Checking in and out the renter, making sure that all documents including rental agreements are filled out, security deposit is paid, balance is paid.
  • Fixing any problems that may arise during the course of the rental, coordinate cleaning crew before tenants and after tenants)

    Household Expenses:
    All Monthly Costs Run Directly through the Homeowners “House Account”, including but not limited to:

    • FPL (Power/Electric)
    • Water
    • Lawn Maintenance
    • Pool Maintenance
    • Cable, Internet, Phone
    • Miscellaneous Expenses (Repairs, Up Keep, Preventative Maintenance, Emergencies - air Conditioning, Plumbing Problems, etc.)
    • Homeowner Cleanings (Anytime the house is occupied by the homeowner or a guest of the homeowner the cost of the cleaning is billed to the Homeowner’s “House Account” directly.
    • Licensing Fees and Renewal Costs of Licenses

  • All Website Advertising Costs and Picture portfolio of the house (to be paid by the homeowner)

Homeowners will have access to their “House Account”, however any expenses they wish to have paid through this account must have supporting documentation. When homeowners wish to get money from this account, we ask that they maintain a minimum balance (Specified in Individual Agreement with Homeowner) as long as the minimum balance is kept any monies above that amount can be transferred into their personal account. The “House Account” is to be strictly monitored in order to provide an accurate accounting of all income and expenses for tax purposes.

Security Locks
Every house is to have a KABA Lock installed. The fee for this lock is approximately $850.00 (Varies based on Color and Time of Year). The yearly fee for this lock is $250.00 that is paid directly by the homeowner to Locksmith. Included in the annual fee we are able to provide tenants with codes to limit the access to the house as codes are always changed and are not active for more than the time in which people need to have access to your house. The Ideal choice for all your real estate property management needs - Ideal Florida Realty Vacation Rentals. Contact Ideal Florida today!

The Ideal choice for all your real estate property management needs should be the Ideal Florida Realty and Vacation Rentals Team. Contact Ideal Florida today!

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